German Potato Salad

(Marjorie Ehman)

Note:  In this recipe, only the potatoes are cooked.  It's great warm or cold.

8 medium-size red potatoes cooked with skins
4 stalks celery, chopped fine
4 or 5 strips of parsley, finely diced
2 medium red onions, sliced paper thin
4 heaping teaspoons white granulated sugar
1 tablespoon salt
10 teaspoons cider vinegar
7-oz. Wesson or olive oil

When potatoes are cooked and cooled slightly, remove skins and slice potatoes thin into a large bowl.  Add celery, parsley, and onions, In a cup measure, combine sugar, salt, and vinegar mixed with enough oil to equal 7-oz. (slightly less than a cup).  Pour on potatoes and stir in gently.  Taste and adjust seasoning with salt and additional capfuls of vinegar, if desired.